"Moloch's Priest" for LudumDare43 (video game prototype)

Nathan rosquist molochspriests2a
Nathan rosquist moloch1
Nathan rosquist molochspriests2
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Nathan rosquist molochspriests3
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Nathan rosquist molochspriests

LudumDare43 Video Game Jam, December 2018

* 6th place out of 2,511 entries in the “mood” category for “Moloch’s Priest,”
a 2-person entry in the LudumDare43 video game jam.

* Covered the full production pipeline in a 48-hour span, from concept, story,
game design, implementation in Unity, 3D-modeling in ZBrush, texturing,
and sound design.

* www.ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43/molochs-priest

July 25, 2019